AUC 2022

Introduction into AUC

Presenter: Borries Demeler, University of Lethbridge, Canada


In this lecture I will provide an introduction for newcomers to the AUC world. We will review available instrumentation and detectors and their applicability to different systems, the types of problems that can be solved with AUC, and the kinds of questions hydrodynamic analysis will answer for you.

I will go over basic hydrodynamic concepts and theory useful for understanding how AUC works, discussing the forces experienced by the sedimenting particle, and review the factors affecting sedimentation and diffusion transport, and discuss the background behind sedimentation velocity, sedimentation equilibrium, and buoyant density sedimentation experiments. We will discuss partial specific volume, anisotropy, hydrodynamic radius, and thermodynamic parameters affecting sedimentation. We will discuss the types of experiments interacting and non-interacting systems, and what can be learned from AUC about them.

To conclude, I will provide an overview of concepts in data analysis and data analysis methods, discuss treatment of noise, noise sources, and how to approach experimental design.

This workshop will be presented as a single session on Sunday from 9:00 - 11:00 (session 1).