AUC 2022

Multi-wavelength AUC with SedAnal

Presenters: Walter Stafford, Harvard Medical School, Cambridge, USA, and Jack Correia, University of Mississippi Medical Center, Jackson, USA


This workshop will cover the analysis of multiwavelength (MWL) data from both the Beckman Optima AUC, and the Colfen and Schilling type multiwavelength instruments using the SEDANAL software. We will cover how to use the Preprocessor to deconvolute the individual concentration profiles of species for which the extinction spectra are known. We will also demonstrate how to determine each individual species' extinction spectrum in unknown mixtures if the species exhibit sufficient resolution in the AUC using Wide Distribution Analysis (WDA). Direct whole boundary fitting of models to mixtures--either interacting or non-interacting--can be carried out with the SEDANAL Fitter given the extinction spectra of the various components involved. Students are encouraged to bring multiwavelength datasets to workshop for analysis. Students should prepare for this workshop by reading the following:

Johannes Walter, Peter J. Sherwood, Wei Lin, Doris Segets, Walter F. Stafford, and Wolfgang Peukert (2015) Simultaneous analysis of hydrodynamic and optical properties using analytical ultracentrifugation equipped with multiwavelength detection. Anal Chem 87:3396–3403
Sherwood, P.J. and Stafford W.F. SEDANAL: Model-Dependent and Model-Independent Analysis of Sedimentation Data" in Analytical Ultracentrifugation. Instrumentation, Software, and Applications, Eds. Uchiyama, S, Arisaka, F., Stafford, W.F., and Laue T.M., Springer Japan. Chapter 6, pp 99-101.

Please note:
The current version of SEDANAL along with the User Manual can be downloaded from

This workshop will be presented on Sunday from 17:00-19:00 (session 4).