AUC 2022

Fundamentals of AUC Experiment Design

Presenter: Tom Laue, University of New Hampshire


Three aspects of AUC experiment design will be discussed in detail:

  1. Hardware setup: selection of rotor, centerpiece, windows, cell assembly/cleaning, cell alignment
  2. Protocol description: rotor speed selection, temperature control, radial spacing, interval between scans
  3. Optical systems: how they work, advantages and disadvantages of each and which to choose

An AUC simulator will be used for the presentation and will be made available to the participants. In addition to walking you through setting up an experiment, the program simulates the signals for the rotor timing pulse, as well as for each optical system so that you can see how data are acquired. Sedview, a simple, but powerful, wide-distribution data analysis program is part of the simulator. This program allows you to see the consequences of various experimental design choices, provides model-independent data analysis, and overlays data from different detectors and different experiments. Students will see the effects of multiple components and self-association on the raw data and in the simple analysis.

Workshop Materials:

This workshop will be presented on Sunday from 11:30-13:30 pm (session 2) and as a repeat session from 14:30-16:30 pm (session 3).